Safe Not Safe is a sci-fi infiltration sim.

Infiltrate huge, procedurally generated levels. Find and loot the safe. Get out alive.


Download Playable Prototype


The gameplay is inspired by classic infiltration games and the freedom of choices they give. Main emphasis is on the missions and character development.

You are improving your gear, by picking upgrades supporting one of the 3 main classes:

  • Commando - extensive firepower, explosives and combat upgrades.
  • Ninja - acrobatics, infiltration upgrades and stealth.
  • Hacker - hacking, surveillance upgrades and… also stealth!

Or you can combine the abilities which suite your style best

NEW! More info (and arts!) on the upgrades system

No scripts, no easy ways in or out. Complete your objectives and stay alive by any means: shoot a camera or sneak past it, hack your way through the main gates or blow them to pieces - the choice is yours.

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