Safe Not Safe is a rogue-lite infiltration sim.
Infiltrate huge, procedurally generated levels. Find and loot the safe. Get out alive.



The gameplay is inspired by classic infiltration games and the freedom of choices they give. Main emphasis is on the missions and character development.

New challenging infiltration every time
Each mission will present you with a completely new procedurally generated level. The generation algorithm we are working on is pretty complex and aimed at building vast, open environments filled with obstacles, enemies and collectibles. One primary objective - find and loot the safe.There are always multiple ways to reach your goals and no pre-designed solutions exist. You are on your own.

Deep playing style customization
Find and grab upgrades for your suit during the missions. Abilities and traits you receive from these upgrades may completely change the way you play the game. Hide in the shadows and climb between the rooftops unnoticed? Break through the walls and take down multiple enemies at a time? Or, may be, rule the cyberworld and exploit your enemies instead? The choice is yours.

“Adaptive Alarms” system
The level you are infiltrating is not a decoration but a living, breathing world. Security systems are smart and trying their best to coordinate the defense. Your activity is analyzed and alarms system is trying to adapt to your playing style. Responsive strategy and possible reinforcements will keep you on your toes. Get out alive.

NEW! More info (and arts!) on the upgrades system

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