Safe Not Safe upgrades system

Main idea behind our upgrades system is to give the player a lot of powers to play with, but make them choose which powers they can have at any given time.

Each body part has 3 module slots (squares) which can be filled with different kinds of modules (squares with icons). When a module is installed into a module slot it activates an upgrade (hexagon). More modules of the same type are increasing the level of the activated upgrade.

Example #1

By installing 2 sensor modules and 1 CPU module in the body slots you are activating:

  • level 2 "Camo Cloak" upgrade
  • level 1 "Hack Mainframe" upgrade

Example #2

Modules can be moved around. Replacing 2 sensor modules in your body slots with 2 additional CPU modules will activate the level 3 "Hack Mainframe" upgrade.

Perk upgrades

are activated automatically once you activate certain pair of upgrades of level 2 and higher.


Modules will be hard to find, expensive to buy and slots unlock price will raise progressively.
A player won't be able to have all upgrades maxed up until later stages of the game.
On harder difficulties even collecting full kit of needed modules will take some careful planning .

Upgrades configurations

Since the number and purpose of the upgrades is limited players will have to invent combinations which are effective and suitable for them personally.
Some hard but interesting decisions are to be made...
At the same time, players will not be afraid to choose one upgrade over another and try it out since modules can be freely moved around.

Surprise or not?

Affecting difficulty?

Example upgrades description for the HEAD

Combat Visor
  • +20% accuracy
  • Ability to "mark" 1 enemy by pressing "Alt" while aiming. Marker is visible through walls
  • Additional +20% accuracy
  • Mark 2 enemies
  • Ability to turn on the "slow-mo" mode for a short duration of time. Long recharge.
  • Additional +20% accuracy
  • Mark 3 enemies
  • Longer "slow-mo" mode duration
  • Faster "slow-mo" mode recharge
Hack Storage
  • Saving hijacked interfaces in a specail slot for reuse at any time without entering Hack View.
  • 1 storage slot
  • 2 storage slots
  • 3 storage slots
Signals Sniffer
  • Increased delay on detected alarm and keepalive signals
  • Signal delay: 3 seconds
  • Sniff keepalive and locks signals with a special minigame and fake them
  • Signal delay: 4 seconds
  • Moderate help during minigame
  • option: Ability to find "Fake Keepalive" interfaces during hack and use them
  • Signal delay: 5 seconds
  • Significant help during minigame
  • option: Ability to generate fake keepalive signals automatically


Random upgrades images

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